The City

Pic of the Highway

Pic of the Highway

Throw the license plate in the air

slam the gear in let your  wheels spin

as your mind starts trippin.

Microphone attics start rippin

screechin tires meltin the ground

perfect ambiance for a city piece

shity leases side walk pieces

Pot holes pleasin no one,

smoking guns, cop car radar

no turn on right 10 min wait even after its green

curb fiends Astro-green and lights galore find what you want in any corner store

$5 whores that you wouldn’t touch cause $5 ain’t hardly enough

Sexy Ass cost too much cash

Whistle passes at fine females wit fat asses and

bickering over the snickering of chunky but funkies

cheap shit from junkies

shattered Fascists, misguided lashes and undaunted wills,

share might over powers


Scams on every corner.

Surprised blood donors

Parades for the masses

Rich people clinking glasses.

Everyone blessed with not knowing what’s next

Waking up is the greatest test

No one really cares who’s the best.

Cause everyone is minding their own business

Streets of the city nothing but physical fitness.

The people pray for forgiveness.

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