Hold On!!!!


hold on

Hold ON!!

Arriving in the awakening of the year 2005

The existence of a star burns its’  reflection in the sky

And everyone who sees it, takes a chance or just believes it

They’re amazed at the blaze,

And exhausted by her features

The angels up in heaven love the fire,

And they feed it

Praying that one day their expectations are exceeded!!!!

But every now and then

the rising star begins to weaken

But she’s so close to heaven,

Sometimes she could hear God Speakin’

One Day She overheard him

sayin somethin about glory

Couldn’t catch it all

but heard she didn’t have to worry

And ever since that day

it’s like the moon been gettin smaller

Like somebody sparked a wire,

now the world’s a little brighter

Yo, this is my story

and I feel I gotta tell it

Im a tell it cause it’s real,

I’m a tell it cause I live it

Everyday I’m in a battle with myself,

I’m outta patience

In time I’ll get mine,

But for now i’m tired of waitin’

Still I hold on……………..


Now here we are 2010

That story about glory

replaying itself again

The patience thought to be lost

revived by a second wind

The vision of the Saviour in heaven

set to begin

Here I am the chosen one

Why me?

No need to ask.

I Heard the voice, answered the call.

He knew I’d follow the path

So he prepared the world for change

Unknowing of what’s to come

Inspiration from above

delivered by me, the one

Who knows, I could be crazy

My journey has just begun

I Asked, and I’ve received

Nothing left

Thy will be done

Still I Hold On…..

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