Cars Driving in Fog

What is wrong with Hampton Roads drivers? Why can’t they merge or just drive for that matter. When you see a merge sign you don’t have to do it right then. It means to merge with the flow of traffic. I mean come on. If you can get over right then without messing everyone up then fine if not then merge at the “V”.

What’s the “V” you may ask. Well it’s the point where the lane you are in and the lane you are merging with meets. How hard is that? Instead, people around here see the merge sign slam on their breaks and stop all flowing traffic while they try to wedge themselves in. Also, while we are talking about driving, Gone Are The Days of the Blinker especially when going through the Portsmouth tunnel.

Remember when you could just put your blinker on signaling your intent and then get over. You probably did the “thank you” wave if you have to do it rather quickly which by the way is fading as well. I’ll talk about that in a second. Well now days if you put your signal on and let people know your coming over they speed up. Then when you try to look over at them they keep looking straight like the don’t see you. How rude. As if it could get more frustrating sometimes those rude people have nowhere to go. Meaning traffic is moving at a steady pace and letting that person in front would not disrupt the flow.

Driving, I think, is a dance performance. You first learn the moves and what is expected of you. Then, you take the test and get your license. Then you try those moves on stage incorporating what you’ve learned. The roads become yours. Eventually those once studied moves become second nature learned moves and you can focus on the beauty, the rhythm of it all. Driving has a rhythm. Next time you are out watch for the rhythm. Look for how some cars merge without stepping on breaks because they are timed just right. The stop at the stop sign a look then go. Stop a look then go…stop a look then go… A rhythm. Traveling to the  “V” and being able to get in by the time you get to the apex. It’s Rhythm. There is so much more rhythm out there but I think I have ranted enough. However, you can reply to this post with your own traffic rhythm that you witness. I’d like to hear about the rhythm you see.

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  1. Debbie says:

    AND what’s with the guy that speeds up when you DO use your turn signal?!!!

    And another thing, what happened to manners? No one can wave a thank you when it’s obvious you let them cut in front of you?

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