Is Ignorance Really Bliss

So I am sitting at my cubicle when this fine sister sits at the desk across from me that has been empty for a few days now. A tall drink of water and I am thirsty if you know what I mean. Her name was well, lets just say Keisha. Keisha had a sexy face, with a beautiful smile. She had the perfect figure and legs that went on for days. However, as much as I thought she was cute something was off and I couldn’t figure it out. Now if you were to know me then you would know that I am the first to “holla” at the new chic in town but I just wasn’t interested. Now I’m thinkin’ I trippin’.

Then I hear the cooler talk. You know, when your co-workers are laughing gossipping.  Well I am not apart of the conversation but I hear one girl say “I wonder which restroom..” she never finished and they all laughed. Then another said, “I know right, I hate to walk in there and see her standing with her skirt hiked up, talkin’ ’bout wooh, excuse me, had to drain the lizard.”

Right then I understood. Keisha was really a Keshawn.

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