Why Not Do It?

Living on Norfolk State University campus I have witnessed many students trafficking and being users of drugs. Not only are they doing something illegal they are doing it boldly and very dignified as if nothing was wrong. Trying to justify using drugs is normally presented with the statement “I’m in college, I’m stressed, and I need to have a stress reliever.”

Why Not Do It?


To the outsiders looking in on the drug abusers, it may appear as if they have a lack of fear of getting caught and having to deal with dire consequences. Norfolk State is supposed to be an institution with a non tolerance drug policy. As the 2009-2010 school year has started, that rule has not been enforced properly. Why would anyone take a policy serious, when the enforcers are not doing their jobs to enforce the policy?

Many students have walked in their residence halls under the influence and had an aroma of marijuana so strong you can smell them from a mile away. There has been a time when campus police has found bottles of alcohol in student’s dorms and just gave them a $25 fine.

That was barely a slap on the wrist to what the real consequences should have been.
Campus Police are known for confiscating your drugs and just giving a speech on how drugs are supposed to be prohibited. So, I ask why the use of drugs is increasing and the  fear of getting caught is diminishing? Bottom line, the answer is why not when no one is going to do anything about it.

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  1. SaXx says:

    I totally agree. Its crazy how many eyes look the other way.

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