Facebook Follies

So I’m sitting at my desk when I hear the manager come over and pull a coworker off of the floor. Of course it did not look like it was a standard meeting. Curious, I started to ask around to see what was going on. No one knew but everyone could tell something was up.  A few minutes later my coworker comes out with a sad look on her face and starts to clean out her things from her desk. I asked her what was going on and she said she was let go (fired).  “Why”, I asked. “Un-excused absences”, she replied.  Now I’m thinking. “There wasn’t a warning or anything?” She said, “No.” So at this point I am not getting enough information and because I am that dude, I went to go see what the manager was doing.  She was talking at her desk on the phone and motioned to me to hold on while she finished her conversation. However, while I was standing there I saw the answer to my questions and later I found out the remainder to the story. On the managers desk were two pictures of my co-worker. One of her taking a picture of her self in front of Bush Gardens and another of herself kissing some dude at the beach. Picture of a Walkway to BeachApparently, the manager friend requests everyone she can find at work on Facebook. My co-worker was foolish enough to accept. She also took it one step further. She called out on the first nice day and went to Bush Gardens and took pictures of herself doing it. Time stamped commented and tagged. Stupid. The manager then went back and checked other days that she had called out and matched three or 4 pictures of three or four times that she called out sick, car broke down or whatever else. Like your boy on 103 Jamz…. What Part of the Game is This?

Side Note she almost messed up one of her co-workers by tagging her on the photo. However, because she was not actually in the pic she,  unlike old President Clinton, denied, denied, denied.

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