The Beginning

Joining a new venture in the early days always offers its challenges and its rewards. On one hand, you’re excited about the possibilities and you have the chance to set the tone going forward. On the other hand, you may find that you are way over head and there is not a life-jacket in sight.

Right now, I’m kind of feeling like I’m treading water in the deep end.

I have been in the television production business for 17 years. Damn that’s a long time. I’ve spent a lot of time creating some really good videos and programming for television. During that time, I have perhaps written one print article per year. A lot of people may not realize it, but writing for people to read versus writing for people to hear can be completely different. (Kind of like that sentence)  It can be tough to make the transition. So, here I am, struggling to write a – print – article about an interview I conducted with Dwayne Larkin. He is the Founder and CEO of Selective Sounds.

As a matter of fact, it’s his 1st interview about Selective Sounds. Selective Sounds is his brain child, his gift to the world: a way for people to vent or give praise. It’s a way for talented artists to promote their music. (more about all this later) It’s where he is hanging some of his hopes and dreams. No pressure on me, right? Well, consider the introduction of this article, the first submitted “Rant” for the new hotness called Selective Sounds.

My interview with SaXx, as he likes to be called, lasted for an hour. The conversation flowed freely. He seemed open and willing to say how he really felt, not only about his start-up Selective Sounds, but also his short lived time in California hoping to “make it big.”

In the essence of time and the short attention span of folks now-a-days, I’m breaking this interview into two articles. First, read what he told me about Selective Sounds and how it came about. Next time, learn about the man who plays the saxophone and piano, is a computer technician, a singer, and a web-mag producer.

SSWriter: Tell me about Selective Sounds.

SaXx: It’s a web magazine. It’s going to be online… It’s a work in progress and keep designing it as we go along. When I say all things auditory, I’m talking about spoken word, singing, prose, short stories, if anyone has anything amazing they want to talk about, I’m with it. Anything auditory… Or say someone can’t speak…wild…or someone has to speak out. They have something major to talk about…boom, I’ll do it. I’ll put it on.

SSWriter: You’ll put on anything, anybody.

SaXx: Anything anybody has to say as long as it can be proven if you’re talking about someone. If you’re just voicing your opinion, I’m with it. We can put it on. As long as it is not insulting someone…Classy or street…There will be some guidelines. It can’t be slanderous. I’m open for what people have to say. I’ll shoot it, put it together, and put it on and let people hear it. For me, the biggest thing is that it’s local.

SSWriter: So, you are giving voice to the Hampton Roads masses, so to speak.

SaXx: Everybody has a voice and it’d be nice to hear what the regular, local person has to say. I don’t mean a celebrity speaking for them. Sometimes we feel like there’s nothing we can do, feel trapped. You walk in a store and they treat you like crap. You talk to the manager and manager treats you like crap. And you have to keep going in there to pay your bill. It sucks. Where can you express that?! Maybe you’re a musician and you’re stuck in a contract…can’t perform… and you want to put this company on blast…I’ll wrap it up pretty and put it online. I want to get that voice out there. I want people to constantly hear the voice of the public.

So, I am an artist. I focus heavily on music and instruments… but I’m not stopping there. If someone has something to stay …their


landlord and they have a great article… When I say all things auditory….I’m also talking about needing to be heard.

SSWriter: You mentioned that you are going to have a big section of Selective Sounds set aside for local artists.

SaXx: I wanted to find local artists and get them out there… just tell their story and put it out there. I was looking for it to be one huge magazine… I’ll just take my time then it evolved into like free style battles. Someone was rapping in the park…everyone thought they was the best lyricist in the world. Really cool! Let’s pit some rappers against rappers and tape it and see what’s going to happen. This magazine will have 2 sections. One section where we feature artists of different genres- anything auditory. But, at the same time, there’ll be another section where we pit rapper against rapper and singer against singer. And then eventually I want band against band. Then later we’ll do Selective Sounds/ Movement of Sound with video, as well.

SSWriter: What do you want your Selective Sounds audience to know about this site?

SaXx: I want Selective Sounds.com’s audience to understand that I’m an artist that appreciates other artists, appreciates other talents. Also, I’m a human being that appreciates other people. I love everybody. When I meet people, I’m open to them. And I really want them to understand this is about their voice.  It’s all about getting what’s on their mind, and more importantly to me, in their heart, out. And I want to be that venue for them. And I want to be that cause. You have a cause and you need an outlet to put it on. I want to be that person. I want to be able to put it there. You’ll see that I won’t die down. A lot of things survive on word of mouth. But, I think on this particular event, I think I’ll always have a budget for advertising. I just don’t want it just word of mouth. I want people who normally wouldn’t be in the voice shot range of word of mouth to actually see this and and go, “What is this?” and log on and be able to hear someone having a problem with something because that’s the whole purpose. I want people to hear, I want people to see, I want people to touch what’s going on and sometimes, it’s not always done well through word of mouth. Word of mouth gives you a great strengthening base and I’m happy for that, as well. We’re going to need that. Advertising, you’re going to see this as much as I can, constantly. The bigger I get, the more advertising I get because I want everybody to know. I want a Senator to be driving down the street and see a billboard and go, “What is Selective Sounds? What is that? Somebody look that up. Get it to me right now.” You know? Cause I want them to hear somebody with an issue. Cause their issue – that might be the person that needs to hear it. I don’t know if I summed that up well. But, that’s what I need the audience to get. It’s about them.

SSWriter: What do see it looking like in a few years?

SaXx: I can’t wait until then. It’s going to be so beautiful. It really is. I’m looking to have it more like a mini television station. I want a lot of print. I want a lot of video. I want someone going around town interviewing artists on location. Not just print, I want a combination of articles and stories, everything. I see everyone wanting to be on Selective Sounds to get their word out and just having a whole bunch of stories and articles that people can select. Highlighting a few of those and always highlighting a particular artist or individual for something special. And then also being able to click to the B-side of the site and see the street wars or skills. Have them battle off against each other and see how that goes.

SSWriter: Why?

SaXx: Because it’s important. I think the street has always fostered talent. Really, from the time in high school banging on the tables, beat-boxing, and rapping, to out in the field – somebody beat boxing dadadada, to you know. That’s what helped honed a lot of rapper’s skills to singers in church doing their thing. And out on the street singing, literally. I’ve been out there and we vibe. I’ll beat box. Somebody’s singing. Somebody’s rapping, you know. Or I’m singing. And just the whole thing. And I think really the street has to keep being honored. So, I really want to keep some stuff kind of grimy as I can (while) staying licensed. That type of deal.

* Writer’s Note: In next part of my interview with the Founder and CEO of Selective Sounds, you’ll learn about Dwayne before he became “SaXx.” He also tells me why he hates the radio, about his time in California (the good, the bad, and the celebrity sightings), and what the hell is up with his hair.
You know what readers? I feel like someone has tossed me a life-jacket. 

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