Eat Cheap at Kincaid's

This week I had a culinary treat at Kincaid’s Fish, Chop and Steak House . It is on the 1st floor of MacArthur Center mall in downtown Norfolk, VA. It has a beautiful atmosphere and great service. I’ve been there before for a couple of special occasions. When my niece suggested we meet there for lunch. I said, “Can I afford it?”

Turns out, they have City Lunch Specials for $10. You get to choose a salad or soup, an entree with mixed vegetables, and an iced tea or coffee. They also give you warm bread that has the most delicious garlic butter on it. I got the Chicken with Orzo soup and the Grilled Salmon as my entree. My niece ordered the Clam Chowder and the Meatloaf. We loved everything we had, including the tea.

For my Sweet Tea drinkers. Kincaid’s has Simple Syrup. It’s liquid-fied sugar that you pour into your tea. That is the only way you can really sweeten tea after it’s cold, in my Southern opinion.

I will definitely be back soon and it won’t take another special occasion.

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