World In Trouble

Dear President Obama,
I feel as if their are many things changing. Not just with your presidency but with America and the world as a whole. Though I am definitely in favor of change I am also a fan of pre-emptive adaptation to the change that change will bring. For instance:
Health… Not health care but Health and Science and Science Break Through
At some point we will be able to create human beings (not saying we should but the technology WILL exist) Clone embryos and change DNA and presto we have the human we’ve always wanted. So, I ask are we making the regulations now for the change that WILL happen tomorrow? Not if and maybe but we as a people are a triumphant bunch and we will not fail. We will forge on until we create our imagination and perhaps tare apart the world getting there. Are there laws and regulations set now to prevent or regulate cloning, DNA recreation? Our court systems use DNA now to prove or disprove various crimes. We will soon arrive at a time when using DNA will no longer be a definitive argument on whether or not someone is guilty.
Oil, Sore Subject
It will be gone. Oil is not an organism. It does not grow. It is not born. It will not recreate. Therefore, it will

eventually no longer be available. It will be gone. Are we ready now for that change tomorrow or does the child that I have yet  to create (not sure I should) deal with it in the distant future? I cannot believe that there aren’t any sink hole sightings for the amount of cavities we have given the earth. Do we put back where we have taken?

Everything is available. Everything and still more to come. As we slowly transition from actual money to plastic cards, and or numbers linked to virtual banks that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, we rely heavily more and more on the Internet. A global system of interconnected networks is responsible for our money, lives, passion, creativity, interests, likes, dislikes, social events, laundry, communication, televisions, etc….. Do we back all that up data? The Internet is running awry. Now I am the first person to admit that I love technology. Love IT. However, using the Internet brings great power.
A normal person without Internet (meaning has no access to or knowledge of how to use) lacks the means of keeping up with the rest of the world. Give that person Internet access and the world is at their fingertips. Give a small business that same information and it can do wonders if it knows how to maneuver the Internet. Give a corporation the Internet and the small people get crushed. Are we creating laws that keep people from feeling as if they have no where to turn? Corporations, will sell, buy, and loan your identities. After you have argued, cried and cursed out your bank, credit card, or the corporation its self all actions seem futile. Corporations or companies like webloyalty.com take advantage through loop holes and tricks. Legal scams. They land you with unwanted charges on your credit card after you’ve used sites including Fandango.com and Priceline.com. Somewhere in a series of windows following your order to buy tickets, users end up clicking a box that gets them subscribed to Reservation Rewards and signed up with a negative option — meaning that you will keep being charged until you cancel. Your credit card information was retained from the previous transaction. (thanks to walletpop.com for the info). They were sued and lost and back to doing the same thing. Where is the regulation? Read more: http://www.walletpop.com/blog/2009/03/31/never-heard-of-reservation-rewards-check-your-credit-card/#ixzz0rySKoXXa
It is only going to get worse from here. Pop up adds that claim your computer has a virus when it really doesn’t and tricks the user into purchasing software that they already have. (maybe a different brand like Norton vs McFee) That’s not right. Companies are making millions and we as a people are loosing, $49.99, $19.99, $99.00, $12.00 a month through trickery for services we don’t want or need or even realize we’ve been signed up for. Or charged for services that will keep us from being taken advantage by rogue sites. $12.00/mo does not seem like a lot but when you are trying to live its plenty.
There are many more areas of contention but I think you understand my point.
I hate to say we should regulate our future, today but it seems to be a necessity. When I was a child I believed I could do anything as some of us were told. Regulate the future: My mom should have told me that I couldn’t fly. It would have saved me a sprained leg and ankle. Funny right, but in its smallest form paints the picture for what will happen. Where people don’t just dear to dream but make those dreams happen. Flying cars, cloning, commercial space travel etc… I think we need to start with “we are ready for when it gets here” rather than we’ll prepare for it when the time comes. I think TD Jakes says it better, “We need to be ready, so we don’t have to get ready” when the time comes. From your book you seem like a very introspective type person. I need, we need, you to take the world down it’s own inward looking journey because the time of change is here and moving faster than anticipated.
We have to pre-empt the future.
Thank you.
That Dude
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