Death of 103JAMZ DJ Law Saddens Fans

Lawrence Brown, the 103JAMZ programming director and one half of the hip-hop radio team the Boodah Brothers, died from a massive heart attack this week. Kool DJ Law was only 40 years old.
“Right now it’s just kind of surreal. If you know anything about DJ Law, you know he was one of the most loving, one of the most caring, one of the most compassionate people you’ll ever want to meet and I’ve heard it said a few times the good go too fast. The good ones go too soon. He was a good one,” said friend and colleague, Chris “Big B” Belcher.
DJ Law and Big B had were partnered on 103JAMZ for more than 15 years and became urban music icons. When they both underwent gastric bypass surgery in the 90s, the community was behind them. Between them, they lost more than 400 pounds. After the surgery, Lawrence continued to suffer from high blood pressure. “He was medicated, but he hadn’t been sick or anything,” said his mother Diane Brown. “Since the bypass, he had lost 200 pounds. He said he felt great. He was active.”
When Brown wasn’t in the studio, his mother said, he devoted much of his time to helping others. “That was who he was.”
Lawrence Brown leaves behind his wife, parents, and close family members.
You can post your condolences and memories below or on the 103JAMZ website.

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