Music on Your Droid

Double Twist and Android LogoSo you have an android and not sure what to do about the music that you have on it. We all know that iPhone has iTunes but what does the Android based phone have? If you search the app store there are quite a few different choices. However, in my opinion one of the better and free apps is Doubletwist. If you have ever used iTunes you should learn this app quite quickly because the interfaces are extremely similar.

I love the way that I can sync both my phone and my girlfriend’s phone with no issues. You can also sync your pictures, movies and subscriptions. It’s a great little (big) app. That’s not it though. The best part is that it will pull in your iTunes, and Windows Media Player library and or playlists. Good times right. As an extra added treat you can purchase to go with this free product Air Sync for $5.00. Once you get home and connect to your Wi-Fi network your phone will automatically sync to double twist either transferring your newly purchased music to the computer or pulling changes from your computer. I think Air Sync is worth it if you are constantly changing updating or editing you music, playlists, videos etc…. If not, you can just plug in.

So do yourself a favor and try this app out. There are a few other features that I didn’t mention that I know you will love.  So, give it a chance.


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