Save Me

Sometimes it’s hard!!

How can I cope with my problems!!

Who can I turn to?

What can give me that urge to motivate me to do better?

Chaos all around me!!!

No one hears me screaming! I’m sinking!!! Help! Help! Help!

I scream at the top of my lungs, but no one hears me. I’m being overshadowed by the jocks, groupies, Greeks, geeks, band members, and everyone else who jumps and shines in the lime light. Am I not worthy of praise? Why can’t someone look at little ‘ol me! Is it because I wear clothes that don’t flatter my body? No, that can’t be it! I believe it’s because I haven’t joined any extracurricular activities. Or maybe it’s because I choose not to party and I don’t plan on joining a sorority!! It wouldn’t be hard to believe that no one pays me any attention because my freshman year I messed up academically and now my GPA is only 1.8!!!

Who is there to help me? If I was a jock I would have coaches to pull strings for me! I am certainly sure not every football player on that field has a 2.0 GPA. However, the players “make the school look good” so, heads are turned the other way. Everyone gets leeway but ME!!! No one tries to pull strings for the girl who is struggling with a 1.8 GPA! What scholarships are geared to help students like me, what organizations or clubs allow a student to have 1.8 GPA!!

Tutors!!! Everyone says go to tutoring, but it’s not that easy. If you don’t have any knowledge at all about a subject, there is not a tutor that wants to help you. They turn their back on you!!

I’m the little girl that only grew up with a mother. I don’t have any siblings. My father left me when I was in second grade and my mom is in her late 50’s. I didn’t have a lot of guidance growing up. I’m the first to go to college in my family, I want to do it right, but I just don’t know how. I’m crying for attention right now!! I wish someone would reach their arm out to me. Throw out a life line and carry me under their wing. I promise if someone takes the time to show me, I know one day I can fly on my own. I want to be the girl in college that graduates and turns
into a successful woman. But tell me how! How do I learn to swim, when I’m sinking right now!!!

[Always remember every college student has a story. It never hurts to
stop and listen. I promise helping one of them will allow many blessings to flow into your life]


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