No Respect

I can’t take the disrespect any more. How many of you all have nasty and disrespectful people living around? Well, I have people upstairs of my apartment that party every day. I don’t even want to mention the people in front of my door. They are just nasty and dirty. I don’t understand. My rent is $895.00, which it’s not cheap. We all have to live in the same place so why be dirty? One Tuesday at 1 in the morning I had to call the police. I can’t even rest and relax in my own house where I pay rent. I am tired of ghetto, hood people. I am tired of people that do not have minimum education or respect. Unfortunately, we have to deal with it everyday. It’s sad that people don’t really care for one another and we have to live in the same place and just take it. So Sad



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