What music do you listen to while you game?


Games and music go hand in hand. Video game designers found this out early. That’s why everyone on the planet can hum the Mario Theme Song. Before the days when you could upload your own sound track to your favorite game the music choices were crucial decisions for designers. Then  Activision decided to give us a play list to skateto with Tony Hawk skate boarding. You could kick flip and grind to Nas, Megadeth, KRS One, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers . A year later when the sequel to Tony Hawk came to stores you could unlock hidden tracks. Music became a tangible part of a video game for the first time.

Fast forward to today. You can frag your enemies in Halo while you bump your favorite play list. Mp3s  that are small enough to fit in helmets are used by NFL players to get and keep the adrenaline rush. And every UFC fighter has their own entrance music while they walk to the ring. Studies have shown that when we listen to music our brain is super active. Music also unlocks areas of the brain we do not often use, like the Deep Limbic System. This part of the brain controls our emotions and is why music can make us cry, angry, or confident etc.  Everyone plays better when they are in a good mood. There for good music equals better performance. So if your having trouble saving the Princess, or getting to Level 80 in W.O.W a musical revamp might be all you need.

I listen to different music at different times. When I want to be creative or when I write I listen to a lot of instrumental hip-hop like MF DOOM, RJD2, and house music. When I play poker I have to listen to the WuTang Clan. I think its the creative dialogue and aggressive lyrics that put me in the zone. When Call Of Duty is the game at hand then it’s West Coast time, All Eyes On Me or The Chronic while I gat some fool with my sniper rifle.

What games do you guys play?  What are you listening to when your playing? Do you think it gives you an edge on the game? Respond to this post or send me a message on  SelectiveSounds.




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