Where to begin?

Picture of a PenI decided to join this site and I got excited about all the things I could write about, but then realized, I don’t have the slightest clue where to start. I want to talk about what type of things go on within my high school that I attend. Depending on what is going on, it could be anything from a rant written in pure fiery rage to studying tips or just plain observations.

I suppose the best way to start is with an introduction, although my identity will remain a mystery. You will know me as Ashiya, although I go by many names, such as Santa (It’s a long story). I am a junior in high school (my school shall also be kept from public). I’m one of those students that stocks up on free college credits, by taking advantage of the AP courses offered. I am also a “band geek,” as you could say. I play the clarinet and I am in love with the art of an instrument, as well as many other art forms. There are so many instruments that I would love to learn, such as the harp, violin, trumpet, oboe, sax, guitar, erhu (chinese violin), pipa (chinese guitar-like instrument), and the hulusi (chinese gourd flute). That is not even the entire list. It may seem insane to some, but I have not even started. My obsession has not been limited to music, but to language as well. I have a few languages that I am determined to learn.

There’s German and Japanese, which I have already taken a year in school for each. Then there’s Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, Italian, Hawaiian, At least one African language, Hungarian, Romanian, and sign language (have already begun to learn). There may be more that I forgot to mention at the current moment. Okay. So maybe that’s more than a few, but I can not help myself.

I suppose that’s a little bit about myself, although I feel that I soaked my intro with my nerdy tendencies.

All of my blogs will not be like this, I assure you. As mentioned before, I might do rants, as well as a variety of topics.

I rant quite a lot at home, so it shouldn’t be a difficult thing to accomplish.

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. I will be looking forward to writing for this website a lot more, as long as school does not drown me with work.

To this, I end my first post.

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