Heavy D: You are Missed


Yo Heavy,

Heavy D

You will be missed man. To this day friends that grew up with me tell me to do the Heavy D and if don’t start fast enough for them they start doing it. It’s wild, when I think back on your music I think “fun”. I always had a good time dancing to your tracks. Back at the house parties clearing the floor so we can do that same heavy D that my friends joke about. Even later when you made some of the newer tracks like Mood For love. Good times, Great rhymes. Song like the “Over Weight Lover is In the House”, or Don’t you Know featuring Al B. Sure were staples to that time.

“Now that we found love what are we going to do, with it?” I’m not sure. Maybe go re purchase a couple of your albums and play them all for the next couple of weeks.  Honoring a great rapper, artist, producer, turned actor. (Living Single, Roc) Maybe it’s just me but I feel like you did many cameos in some of my favorite movies.

Heavy D., Dwight Myers, I am thankful that you made it. I’m grateful that you were able to inspire me to have great times. Many people will remember you differently and to me it was the carefree, smooth talking, flows that had me throwing my hands up or looking for “Somebody for Me”.

And to those who will miss Heavy D, remember,

Keep ya head up (what?)

Keep ya head up (that’s right!)
Wheneva this life get tough
You gotta fight
Wit’ mah home gurl standin’ to mah left and mah right
True blue, we tight like glue

Much Love



Thanks to highbridnation.com and dictatorrecords.com for the pictures.

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