Lauren: Where are you?

Dear Lauren,

Lauren Hill

Where are you at “L Boogie”? We miss you. I remember killing the Fugees album in ’96. I couldn’t get enough of it. Matter of fact I know so many people in the same boat asme when I say that I had to buy several copies of the Mis Education Album. I played it so much that it got scratched, broke, or borrowed by a friend. (only because they did not ask). Other people had to be on that Carlos Santana joint that you did. “Watch the master plan, pastures span into the street, flip the beat move the sheep like the shepherd.” You understood where you were going even when you thought you didn’t. You chose paths instinctually that touched the world. Your issues became ours and more importantly your love became ours. You sang about Zion and we were just as in love as you were (are).Just give me one song a year I will take that. Doo-wop your way back into the story telling that you do so well. You know “It could all be so simple” cause “no one loves you more than” we. I remember it had been a while since I vibed with something new from you and then at the end of a movie I heard your joint (remake) “Can’t take my eyes off of you” I ran out to get it.

There are certain voices in the business that are game changers. Michael, Patty, Marley, Mary, and so many more. You are definitely a game changing spirit and we need you to bring back the life that you so eloquently breathe into music. Come home.



Thanks to Charleston City Paper for Picture

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