Love:Complexity of Relationships

I’ve often thought about love. I wonder what it is that attracts someone to someone else. Is it because that person can provide for you the things you can’t do for yourself? Everyone wants to be cared for.

Do they make up the part of you that doesn’t exist, or needs help existing? Is attraction strictly looks? Or personality? Anyone can be a couple, but what about them makes you stay and build the relationship?

I don’t think love is completely about how you feel about the other person. I think what you love is how you are when you’re with them. You love how they make you feel. You love who you are with them. You love them because, as one person, you exist perfectly. Saying “I Love You” expresses immense gratefulness. It should make the other person feel needed, cared for and… loved! And because you know your partner is grateful, it’s easy to want to make them happy. You’d put their happiness and well being before your own simply because you genuinely want to please them.

I believe being a couple is about giving and taking, sharing and learning. But what is it that makes couples stay together for this? Love!

I read that love can actually change a person’s desires, and the traits of your partner are now what make him/her amazing in your eyes. Isn’t that crazy?

Love is an amazing thing!

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