All Things Music:

The “Business” as it is called is vast. Here we will give you information from gossip to learning tips, love of music to hate for hacks and of course let you know what’s going down in your area. However, we need you to keep us informed. So make sure you “Write For Your City.”

Rant On:

Have you ever been in a conversation and you start a sentence with “I don’t like it when people…” and everyone can agree? Or something political that you don’t understand, “how is it that republican or democrats believe…” Well tell us all about it. Feel free to go on a mega rant. We want to hear it all. We want you to “Write For Your City.”

Poetry Nook:

This is a quiet little nook designed for you to express your creativity. Share any poems that you may have already written. Or, perhaps, you can write a specific piece tailor made for selectivesoundS audience. Either way, express yourself here and “Write For Your City.”

That’s Random:

In this section you find bits of information dealing with a variety of things. For example, you may find out which is better, digital is or synthesized pianos. Or maybe a site that allows you to get free mp3s and a music widget made for yahoo widgets. Tell us what you find from any field, or any site. Just let us know and “Write For Your City.”

The Cubicle Chronicles:

Those of us who have worked in an office at one point or another have heard some juicy stories and we want you to share them with us. selectivesoundS is not always serious sometimes we just want the dirt. So get a little messy and “Write For Your City.”

The iSH:

THE iSH is dedicated to up and coming or newly established individuals, businesses, and organizations. This is one of the few articles that are written solely by selectivesoundS writers. However, if you feel like you have what it takes to be selectivesoundS writer please feel free to contact us. After all this is your site and we want you to “Write For Your City.”

What’s Good:

In this Category we want to keep you informed. We want to let you know about all the events in your city that we possibly can. This means we will need your help. Also, we will be offering reviews on music, hotels, art, plays, operas, movies and anything else that we can find. However, none of this can happen without you. So help us help you “Write For Your City.”

College Corner:

It’s crazy how much is going on at our colleges these days. From band to football, Fraternity to sorority information changes fast. However, there are always stories. Let us know what’s going wrong and what’s going right on your campus. Tell us everything when you “Write For Your City.”

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